About Mason

Grade Levels: K - 5  

Colors: Red & Gold 

Built: 1958
Enrollment: 480
Number on Staff: 51 (37 Certified/14 Non-certified)
Average Years Teaching Experience: 15  
Campus Programs: GOAL Classes (Gifted) Art Classes, Music Classes, Physical Education, Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Math, Math Facts in a Flash, Family Reading Nights, S.T.A.R. Reading, S.T.A.R. Math, Early STAR Literacy, English as a Second Language, Compass Learning, and Study Island.
Mason's dedicated, outstanding faculty/staff is one of the most important reasons that the school's students enjoy learning and are so successful in our neighborhood school. Mason is known for being "A Nurturing Community Where Learning Is Celebrated". Mason School students use technology in the classroom on a daily basis to enhance learning in all areas. Using the Accelerated Reader Program students read books and then take comprehension quizzes on the computer to determine their mastery of the material they have read. Students enjoy this program because they are allowed to select the books that they are interested in reading and that are written on the level that they should read. Over the years Mason has earned Model School and Master School recognition by the Renaissance Learning Institute as a result of our participation in the Accelerated Reader Program. Another good example of technology at work in our school is the Accelerated Math Program, an individualized math program where children are tested on their math knowledge and then provided with the appropriate math activities to increase their math abilities. This program is used in every second through fifth grade class. Mason faculty and staff have been trained in promoting and recognizing positive behavior in our students. We continue to stress the positive behavior that we see throughout the day and reward students who demonstrate this behavior. All classes, both academic and enrichment, are focused on planning and rewarding students who strive to attend to academics and also follow school rules. Class activities are planned where advanced students can enhance their problem-solving and analytical skills with exciting and challenging projects and other students are given time with a classroom teacher to master benchmark skills.

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